Starting at the age of four with the encouragement of my photographer father, my interest in photography has evolved through three home-made conventional darkrooms into digital schemes. Application of the same basic photographic techniques allows me to explore nature, the ultimate art form, and to take glimpses or slices from it, displaying them in various ways in an attempt to provide some insight into it. After all, what we (as artists) attempt to do is represent nature in some medium and to portray all the emotion and sensuality (in terms of the five senses) that is evoked by experiencing it. Along with this experience often comes some intellectual commentary, implicit or explicit. Frequently my intent is to demonstrate that just about everything that is natural has beauty, and that everyday occurrences, being a part of nature, can exude those properties as well.

I primarily am a photographer, however, in the last few years have branched out into watercolor, collage, printmaking and more recently encaustics. I find that the encaustic medium allows me to combine all of my prior technical experiences into one art form, opening up a broad means for expressing myself. I have enclosed a few photographic works as well as photographs of a few serigraphs and encaustics.

With respect to the encaustics, lately I have been exploring ways to combine visual and auditory art forms. As we discussed, I played the piano competitively since the age of 8 until entering undergraduate school. I have recently begun to record some pieces that I have portrayed visually as encaustic paintings. This is by no means an attempt to convey synethesia but just a means to express what one might visualize while listening to a piece of music with your eyes closed, without the visual interference of sight. In this way I have produced a series of 13 encaustic paintings representing the individual pieces of Robert Schaumann’s Kinderscenen (Childhood Scenes). As I did not want to obtain licenses to play purchased recorded music, I re-learned the pieces and recorded them on the piano myself. One option for a show might include pairing the encaustic paintings with the recorded piece it represents, providing for the art goer a dual art form experience. This also combines one art form that requires linear time to experience the entire piece with an art form that presents the entire piece all at once.

To elucidate an aspect of my philosophy regarding my art work, I believe that beauty can be found in many places and frequently resides in commonplace items. Furthermore, I have coined two terms (alluded to above) that represent many of my pieces, primarily my photographic pieces. One term is a glimpse which represents a view of the world as seen through a portal such as the camera or a window. The other term, a slice, is a piece of the whole that may or may not be recognizable and may even represent a micrososm within something larger. Slices allow the viewer to imagine the rest and therefore may provide more freedom of interpretation.

Sample of Awards: Juried into the International Photo Color Awards and the Spider Awards (International Black and White Competition), JORAF selected a piece for artist of the month, First Place Memphis Germantown Art League National Show, Best of Show Memphis Germantown Art League Spring Exhibition (paper collage), Platinum Artist Status in Memphis Germantown Art League, Several Awards from the National Photo Awards and numerous other local awards. Sample of Showings: solo show at Gallery 32, joint show with two other artists at Gallery 56 (previously Artists on Central), 'Va Bene' and 4 other artists 'Tutti Caifiordi', and two shows at the Shainberg Gallery. Multiple juried group shows (Star Artist and Platinum Artists shows plus National, Spring and Autumn shows with Memphis Germantown Art League), Shows at Christian Brothers University and with members of Artists’ Link as well as juried show '20th Year Celebration' at the Dixon Galleries and Gardens.

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